Kaeden (Red Death MC) (Bad Boys Biker Club Book 2) Naomi West 2020

Kaeden (Red Death MC) (Bad Boys Biker Club Book 2)

I love three things in this world: my motorcycle, my MC, and my whiskey. There’s no room for anything else. Especially not after the dark, twisted childhood I had. The pink-haired waitress is determined to make herself the fourth thing, though. I’ll allow it—for one night only. My plan was simple: take her hard, then leave before she woke up. But life ain’t ever that easy. Especially when my enemies come to make her scream. They’ll do anything to hurt me and mine, so they kidnap her to make me surrender. Not gonna happen. That means I’ve got two choices: Turn my back on the only good thing that’s ever happened to me… Or wade through hell to reclaim the woman I love. My only question is this: How much ammo do I need?

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