Colt (Boneheads MC) Naomi West 2020

Colt (Boneheads MC)

He knew what he wanted from life… until an unexpected baby changed everything. RALEIGH I just wanted to save the poor dog. I had no idea what it would do to my life. Now, I’ve got a hot biker breathing down my neck. I tell him I’m off-limits, but it’s not the kind of thing he cares about. And it turns out that I can’t resist him for long. Soon, I’m tied up in more ways than one. All I have are questions: Will we survive this war? Can I love a broken man? And how do I tell Colt that he’s about to welcome a baby on board? COLT A man’s dog is his best friend. I may be an outlaw, but I’m no different gun that respect. Raleigh didn’t know what she was getting into when she jumped feet-first into my life. But neither of us can ignore the sparks igniting between us. The thing is, a biker comes with baggage. My enemies are pounding at the door, trying to destroy everything I’ve ever loved. Can I keep the mother of my child safe from the men who want to kill me?

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